The nice things people say about us ...

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your email and the resources.

I took so much from the course. I would like to thank you for making the writing space a safe, open and inspiring place to create. I went away with many tips and tools to implement in the classroom and in my own writing practice. Not only did we learn, but we had a good laugh while doing so.

And the barramundi was excellent.

I’m looking forward to starting a creative writing group at lunchtime at my school. I think the kids will love it.

Thanks again – you were an amazing facilitator. I think part of the success lies in creating a space where people feel comfortable writing and sharing their work with each other; I think that might be one of your superpowers. You wrote and spoke with authenticity – I respect that.

I was expecting pomposity and pretention but the way you delivered the course was anything but. I admired your down to earth, no bullshit approach. You had me at your first outcry of “fuck that!”.

Kind regards

Rebecca (John Curtin College of The Arts)

Dear Kevin,

I have just been talking to someone who attended your course last year, and seen some of the work she did. I was very impressed and I am hoping this opportunity will be repeated in 2018, as I would very much like to enrol for your masterclass PD!

Regards, Betty (Carine Senior High School)

Hello Kevin

I recently completed one of your 12 ATAR Masterclasses for Teachers. You were fabulous and I was very keen to see if we could get you in for next year.
Yours sincerely

Coralie (Duncraig Senior High School)

Hi Kevin

Just wanted to let you know a few things that your course prompted me to do.

Firstly, I tried free writing for the first time with my year 9s who are a bit of a crazy bunch! They loved it and got a lot out of it. At the moment I am trying to ice breaker activity with them which is going well.

Secondly, I was thinking of going for a promotional position as a Head of House next year, which is a pastoral role and one I did a few years back (did not enjoy it that much!). To cut a long story short, your course allowed me to reconnect with what I am passionate about and I have decided to continue focusing on teaching English over anything else.

Finally, I enrolled on a course with the Australian Writers Centre and I have started to write for myself again! I have also dusted off my class exercise book and started writing with the class again.

A big thank you to you and all your inspiration. I learnt a lot last week and hopefully will pass as least some of it on to my students.

Sarah (Seton Catholic College)

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your email and for all of the helpful materials. I look forward to giving this a go – and am hoping to use the icebreaker with my year 11’s on Monday

Kind regards,

Camilla (Applecross Senior High School)

Good Morning Kevin,

I just wanted to email to let you know how much I enjoyed your Born Storytellers PD on Monday and Tuesday. There is a lot for me to process, but I’m excited about how I can incorporate it into my classroom and make suggestions for other English teachers.

Once again, thanks.

Letisha (Dallyup College)

Hello Kevin

First of all – thank you so much for this follow-up information. It is very generous of you to make your teaching materials available in this way, and it allowed us to remain ‘present’ as you were leading discussion in the course.

The course was very, very valuable. I found the exercises you used most valuable and the process illuminated the challenge of developing a creative response.

Additionally, it was a real pleasure to be provided with time to WRITE! In my position as a Head of Department, the only writing I do tends to be limited to reports or plans. To encourage my personal creativity was joyous and I have to admit – my ‘creativity’ was rather rusty due to lack of use!

The Masterclass was an exceptional experience and I’m only sad that so few teachers were able to take advantage of the opportunity. We certainly look forward to booking future workshops with you.
Kind regards

Leanne (HOLA) Leeming Senior High School

Thank you Kevin,

I used the icebreaker activity in my Year 10 class today. I wish you could have seen their faces light up when they completed the first part. They loved it and can’t wait to do more.

Thank you so much for a wonderful P.L, and for such practical and useful ideas.


Angela (Albany Senior High School)

Hi Kevin,

I thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass in creative writing it stretched me again and that is something that has not been done for some time. Theresa and I will be sharing what we learned with the English Department here at Canning Vale College when we have a department meeting.

More power to your arm as you continue to dish out this very worthwhile course.

Peter (Canning Vale College)

Hi Kevin,

I found your workshop very valuable yesterday. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Just one question – how would the planning process that we did yesterday about character profiling, premise making, conflict defining and other activities from Story Craft relate to or work, if the main character is the antagonist. Would it still be the same?


Theresa (Canning Vale College)

Thank you so much, Kevin

I really enjoyed the workshop and now have about six more story starters for my journal. My retirement plan is to live on a houseboat on the Shannon River in Ireland and to write. I keep a journal of ideas for stories for this plan.

You truly are an inspiration for writing.

Many thanks,

Marie (Carey Baptist College)

Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for giving me access to your PPTs and PDFs.

Your IP will be valued, respected and acknowledged in my discussions with colleagues to see how we might address Creative Writing in a more targeted manner in our courses at SIDE.
I really enjoyed the two day workshop, particularly your breadth of knowledge and passionate delivery of all things to do with Creative Writing.

It provided a helpful way of reflecting on and planning for the 12 ATAR Composing section of the course and Section 3 in the exam.

And the Born Storytellers Folder, workshop activities and Story Craft workbooks are an excellent resource that provides a carefully-sequenced roadmap.

Now we have your contact details, so if we are able to find an opportunity to invite you to work with our SIDE students, I will be in touch.

Thanks again for your workshop and kindness in sharing these resources with the participants.

Kind regards,

Jenny (School of Isolated and Distance Education)

Thank you so much, Kevin.

So valuable.

I do lots of the things that you discussed and modelled in my classes already … however, they are not that effective in that I am not seeing them frequently used to improve. The activities you ran through with us are brilliant! Far more user friendly ways to promote improvement.

Love your work!!!!

Thank you.

Brigid (HOLA) (Bunbury Catholic College)

Lack confidence in your own creative writing skills? Worried that you aren’t inspiring your students in this area? Learn to be a better, more confident writer and teacher through the Born Storytellers PD Masterclass. The course made me look critically at my own writing in a supportive environment, understand different and innovative ways to engage students and gave me a solid framework to teach creative writing. You also get outstanding course materials! I would highly recommend this course to all English teachers. I now feel confident in my own writing and I can pass that confidence onto my students.

Leonie , Relief Teacher

Dear Kevin

I would like to thank you for inviting me to join the Born Storytellers PL this week. I found it very useful and engaging and am sure there are things in your programme our teachers can use to improve the quality of their students’ creative writing not only for ATAR but all through secondary school as you mentioned. It should start well before Year 11.

The PL was well-organised and the venue, catering and parking all great also.

Thank you again for an inspiring couple of days.

Kind regards,

Diane, Literacy Consultant (AISWA)

Good afternoon Kevin,

I teach ATAR English at Churchlands SHS. We were very taken by the Masterclass being offered in November, however budget cuts mean that we cannot attend (teacher relief costs). Every year we have a PD Day with the English staff from another two senior high schools (Churchlands and Carine). Next year we would be hosts. The PD Day would be for half a day. Is there any chance that you would be able to deliver a mini masterclass for us? It is quite challenging teaching creative writing, and something we are all interested in doing better. There would be quite a big group of English teachers (around 40), which I know is not ideal. We don’t have a definite date for the PD day yet, but it would be in the second term. I an hopeful that something can be arranged, and I look forward to your reply.


Susan  (Churchlands Senior High School)

I attended Kevin’s presentation at the AATE Conference this week and found it very helpful. I am interested in doing one of the two day programs. August is probably a bit too soon but I would love to be on an email list if you have one which advertises when the classes will be later in the year.


Janet (All Saints College)

Hi Kevin I went to your session at the recent ETA/ALEA conference and loved it. I have one of my staff attending your teacher PD next month and I am sure he will be just as excited. My questions are as follows: Are you willing to do incursions at schools during the holidays in 2019? Our school is very strict with time due to budget costs of relief teachers and also the cost of ATAR students out of class. We have about 80 students in year 12 for 2019 and about 100 year 11 students. Are sessions designed for that many? i.e. one day for year 11 students and one for year 12. Let me know what works for you as I would like to put this into my budget for 2019 which is due next week and new formats require us to submit relief time on top on incursion/excursion costs.

Kind Regards


Hi Kevin

I attended your PD on the Creative Writing Masterclass – English Teacher as Writer. It was the best PD I have attended for quite some time. Thank you. You mentioned that if we emailed, you would share your slides. I would love it if you could email me a copy once you return from your conference. In addition, I am coordinating the 2019 State Conference for the English Teachers Association. I know you have presented before and was wondering if you might be interested in presenting again? It will be in May next year.

Kind regards,


Hello Kevin,

Thanks so much for this workshop – I’m really thinking differently about my approach to creative writing.

Kind regards, 

Jess (Baldivis Secondary College)

Thanks Kevin. Really appreciate these materials. I thoroughly enjoyed the PL and learnt a great deal. I started my undergrad degree at W.A.I.T. minoring in creative writing as, like many English teachers, I wanted to be a published writer. Unfortunately, I had an absolute twat of a tutor for the first two units which destroyed the little bit of confidence I had at 19! Despite being privileged by having Elizabeth Jolley for the next 2 units, the damage was done. Further, through most of my 30+ teaching, the Senior courses have focused on the analytical thus developing my skills in that area over teaching the creative. Though I was willing and recognised its importance as a teacher, (and I am an outstanding teacher) I honestly lacked knowledge of how to teach CW effectively. The PL I did with UWA a couple of years ago and yours has helped point me in the right direction. The point about doing the task with students is well taken. So easy to take this time to do your attendance etc! No more. I bought your book on-line on the way to the course so look forward to its arrival. Thank you, once again. I hope to have another opportunity to learn from you in the future.


A sincere thank you Kevin for your presentation last week and for providing these notes.  

It was a thoroughly engaging morning that wove important theoretical and practical components of writing for the classroom. I found it really valuable being placed in the shoes of a student. I am rather anxious about writing creatively and being somewhat ‘exposed’ (as are so many of my students over the years) – and it was such an important lesson to understand the concept of having a sacred and private place/journal for writing before being given the time and space to share aspects of it. Assessing and reflecting on the process is absolutely the point. So thanks for the reminder about this and for the inspiration to write alongside the students.

Thanks again

Agustina  (Manjimup Senior High School)

Hi Kevin

Thank you for a most thought-provoking and enjoyable PD last week; it has changed the way I’m programming my English course for next year. 

Alison (Champion Bay Senior High School)

Hi Kevin. Thanks mate. Cheers for giving me new ideas and reinvigorating my writing.
Chris (Champion Bay Senior High School)