New PD for Teachers of ATAR English

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We are pleased to announce a new extension program of writing and teaching professional development to further expand teacher expertise in the writing classroom.

This PD is specifically for teachers who have attended the Creative Writing PD masterclass series and would like to expand the range of learning activities they can deploy in the senior English classroom.

The PD program builds on the Creative Writing PD Masterclass, and is built mainly around exercises that can be used in the classroom immediately.

In addition, it includes a teaching-learning framework which is useful in lesson planning specific to the needs of creative writing.

The framework explores a formal learning structure that incorporates six critical stages in the way students acquire the knowledge and skills that will serve them best in the ATAR exam room.

The six stages include descriptions of individual learning and collaborative learning practices and the design criteria that suits the way creative writing knowledge and skills are developed.

This model advocates for teachers to develop personal experience and knowledge in the concepts they are teaching, encouraging students to map their own enquiries, develop a regular practise regime, work on producing pieces of work that gain higher qualities as they proceed, discuss their learning with teachers and other students, and collaborate on their findings in ways that celebrate progress.

More details can be found here.

You can go directly to the booking page here.

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