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CATEGORY: Writing Classroom

Story Craft Foundation

Course Access: 300 days access
Course Overview

This is a story-based creative writing program structured for lower years high school students.

Key concepts include:

  • Understanding what is story
  • Techniques for creative thinking and working with ideas
  • Techniques for creating characters and developing an effective story world
  • Structural techniques for narrative writing, including genre, plot, and point of view
  • Dynamic skills for writing effective dialogue and building scenes

The Born Storytellers Storycraft Beginner Course teaches you an effective approach to writing stories. You will learn theories of the design, formation and structure of story, and practical techniques for writing stories.

It will help you learn to be creative in all subjects, be disciplined and develop confidence in your ideas and expressing them.

Discussion Boards

Students are encouraged to engage with others in the course to discuss their stories and understandings using the bulletin board feature of the course. Each course will have its own bulletin board dedicated to a group of students and their learning. Teachers will have supervision access to these social spaces, as well as the ability to download student contributions as evidence of learning.

Getting Help

A number of help channels are active throughout the site, including email, a bulletin board notice and a #slack channel.

The program is a series of units, each of which include several lessons. Each lesson has a short video, with a transcript if needed, and a quiz to check your understanding at the end of that. Writing tasks are explained in the videos and some written instructions are given. You need to write some commentary about your learning in your journal as you proceed, and assessment tasks will need to be uploaded for grading. There is a certificate on completion.

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