Putting story at the heart of creative writing

Born Storytellers — a natural extension

The Born Storytellers offers fully structured, pedagogically sound Creative Writing learning for students, teachers and writers.

Dates for 2018 program to be released soon Creative Writing PL for teachers

This intensive Masterclass program designed to assist teachers of ATAR English to further their understanding, knowledge, and skills in teaching effective creative writing for ATAR English will continue in 2018. Check back for dates soon, or contact us for further information.

Incursions for ATAR English

A series of workshops offered as incursions to your school, addressing the areas of
weakness identified by the 2016 ATAR exam markers as well as concerns raised by
ATAR English teachers.

Be a Teacher of the Future

The Born Storytellers started out as an idea to bring to students the skills and knowledge that writers employ to make fiction real — a field of study we termed Story Craft. The  original program, delivered over 20 weeks, centred on ten specific aspects of narrative writing that are critical to the writer's success as a creator of story and, in a structured, pedagogically sound program of learning, took students on a journey that addressed both creative and critical theories and practice that underpin the craft. The Born Storytellers grew into a unique combination which saw students engage with theories of the design, formation and structural synergy of story — and then apply those theories as practical techniques in an experience that unlocked creativity, discipline, and confidence resulting in authorial status. As Creative Writing has developed  into its own discipline of study, there is a growing recognition that mastery of its skills has wide economic benefits for future work. There is a need for more teachers to develop as writers, and teach Creative Writing based on the knowledge and skills of Story Craft. Begin your journey to be a teacher of the future by securing your place at one of these Creative Writing Masterclass PDs for ATAR English teachers.

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Born Storytellers places story at the heart of Creative Writing

Creative Writing Masterclass PD to run again November 8 and 9

The program was introduced in July 2017 as a specific and targeted response

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Creative Writing Masterclass PD July 24-25

The Born Storytellers Creative Writing PD Masterclass on July 24-25 will be in building 513, The Learning Link,

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Creative Writing Masterclass PD July 19-20

The Born Storytellers Creative Writing PD Masterclass on July 19-20 will be in building 513, The Learning Link,

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Creative Writing PD Masterclass July 12-13

The Born Storytellers Creative Writing PD Masterclass on July 12-13 will be in building 513, The Learning Link,

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Lost in the solitude of his immense power …

In a recent facebook post, a member of the ETAWA group posted the following question (30 May, 19:56):

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Giving students the power of independent thought

Perhaps the most vexatious challenge for the English teacher in a high school classroom lies in the great difficulty students have  in finding ideas to write

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Teachers-as-Writers research project sets standard

In a research project conducted by Arvon, researchers at the University of Exeter and Open University (UK) have found that teachers who write themselves can boost

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Challenge raised by ATAR English WACE markers’ report

On March 31, 2017, The West Australian newspaper reported that, ‘Year 12 exam markers have raised concerns that many students used inappropriate

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The Daily Habit: Writing exercises

Exploring Story